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During the process of drafting my published magazine articles, book reviews, and short stories, I came to the insight that  there’s no such activity as writing, there’s only self-editing:  writing is self-editing.

The EditingCraft.com host is a writer and editor, with a recent MFA degree in Creative Writing. My short stories have been published in several literary magazines such as ZYZZYVA, Ishmael Reed’s Konch magazine, and The Berkeley Fiction Review. Prior to  MFA studies, I completed a Ph.D. degree in Psychology at Stanford and led many workshops in Positive Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Also, for seven years, I taught courses in The Professional Sequence in Editing at UC Berkeley.

To prepare for workshops in the MFA program, I began studying self-teaching creative-writing craft books and posting my reviews on amazon.com. To date, I have  posted 98 writing/editing related reviews and received more than 1800 positive ratings (93 percent). A number of readers of my amazon reviews emailed me, suggesting that I create a blog, comprising my reviews, categorized according to genre, and invite readers’ comments. Welcome to editingcraft .com

— C. J. Singh

Host of http://EditingCraft.wordpress.com



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